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Citizen App: An App Helping Keep User’s Safety


Immediate safety in cities is difficult to ensure. While news apps keep us informed, immediate information is challenging to find. Citizen App is an application designed to counter this. The app is made in a manner that gives one instant access to confirmed 911 information and is also designed to give the user safety alerts in real-time. This will keep its users safe and aware.

The app began being used in 2016; previously called “Vigilante”. A company that owns it is New York-based. Citizen boasts 234,000 downloads since May of 2020. Citizen app has also found success during the 2019 fire in Manhattan and when it helped locate an abducted boy after an alert from the app.

Safety functionality of Citizen

Citizen App works similarly to police scanner applications. The police scan functionality allows the public to have an emergency response system. Citizen screens and monitors communications from the system to create factual alerts to individuals in up to a quarter-mile radius of reported incidents.

Cities Where Citizen app Works

Citizen App is currently in use in 22 cities: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Columbus, Detroit, Houston, Charlotte, Miami-Dade County, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Toledo, Tucson, New York City, Philadelphia, the Phoenix Metro Area, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Stockton.

Safe trace, one of the app’s features, gives updated information on COVID-19 in the county, city, or state. When Bluetooth and GPS location data are activated, the feature can determine if the user has been in contact with other users. GPS features can also inform if one has been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for the virus.

The citizen app allows one to update live videos of incidents as they unfold. This allows for more awareness of what is happening to its users. Refer to this article for more information.


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