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Sale of Midwest and Mid-Atlantic CEI Vision Partners, Hauser Private Equity founded by Mark Hauser, to Private Equity-Backed EyeCare Partners.

Mark Hauser, the founder of Hauser Private Equity, has announced that they have completed the sale of Midwest & Mid-Atlantic CEI Vision Partners to EyeCare Partners, a privately funded company for optometry and ophthalmology services. EyeCare Partners is the leading clinically integrated network of ophthalmology and optometry providers. This transaction attests to clients’ trust in Mark Hauser equity’s ability to deliver on the firm’s investment strategy.

Mark Hauser stated, “We are excited about our work with both ECP and CVP over the past year as we worked through this transaction,” says Mark Hauser. “The deal speaks volumes on how much value private equity investors see in these two networks.

This acquisition will extend ECP’s reach into new markets, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky, strengthening its presence in key existing markets. “We are excited to partner with CVP and their world-class team of ophthalmologists. This transaction further accelerates our growth strategy by expanding our clinically integrated network into key Midwest and Mid-Atlantic markets,” said David Young, CEO of EyeCare Partners.

EyeCare Partners is the leading clinically integrated network of ophthalmology and optometry providers with locations throughout the United States. This transaction will expand EyeCare Partner’s reach into new markets while strengthening its presence in key existing markets. The terms of the deal were not revealed. Mark Hauser, founder and CEO of Hauser Private Equity, will continue to lead the business following the sale.

Hauser Private Equity is a Cincinnati-based private equity firm that focuses on healthcare services and technology companies investments. The company has been investing in middle-market businesses for over 25 years, involved in more than 75 transactions totaling over $750 million in value.

This is an exciting time for both companies involved, and we look forward to seeing what great things they will achieve together.

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Robert Kraft Biggest Career Involvement In The 2026 World Cup Series


Robert Kraft is an American entrepreneur who has held several executive positions as the founder, chairman and CEO of Kraft Group. Kraft Group is a conglomerate company operating multiple industries, including real estate, sports, assets in paper and packaging, and entertainment. Mr. Kraft is popularly known for his active participation in the National Football League, where he was in control of the New England Patriots in 1994.

The New England Patriots game was held at Gillette Stadium, one of the oldest stadiums developed in the United States. However, Gillette Stadium is among the top 11 most famous stadiums in the US. In addition, Robert Kraft is currently serving as a trustee at Boston College and is also on the board of directors of several organizations, such as the Federal Reserve Bank.

Based on the recent news, Robert plans to bring the Gillette Stadium back to life by playing the 2026 World Cup championship league. According to Robert Kraft, the 2026 World Cup series will be held in Mexico, the US, and Canada. Among the three countries, the 2026 World Cup will play 80 games in 16 different venues. In the US alone, the 2026 World Cup series will play in 11 cities and two cities in both Canada and Mexico.

According to Robert Kraft, 48 teams will participate in the 2026 World Cup, double the number from the 1994 World Cup series. However, a few modifications will be made in the Gillette Stadium to satisfy the field-width requirements. The 2026 World Cup games will be expected to accommodate more than 5 million attendees.

About Robert Kraft

After completing his high school studies, Robert received a scholarship to join Columbia University and later graduated in 1963. Mr. Kraft later joined Harvard Business School, where he achieved an MBA degree in 1968. Mr. Kraft has also participated in several philanthrsopic adventures throughout his career. He has supported several non-profit organizations dealing with education, healthcare systems, etc. See this article for additional information


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Andrew Frame Has Much To Say About His Work


Work is a huge source of solace for many people. It’s a chance to exercise their talents and show what they can do to the world. This is very much what Andrew Frame knows to be true in his own life. He is someone who loves what he does. He’s also someone who wants to share his work with others so they can learn what he has learned over the course of his work.

Andrew Frame hopes that others will be inspired to use their talents and help make the world a better place in the process. This is why he done what he has done when it comes the world of business. He’s been to create companies that offer lasting value for shareholders in the modern world. It’s why he continues on the path he’s chosen in the world global business and the process of creating new business ventures. Read this article for related information.

A Serial Entrepreneur

One of the many things that are true about Andrew Frame is that he is very much a serial entrepreneur. He is someone who is willing to experiment and come up with all sorts of different ideas. Andrew Frame is also someone who is willing to take a chance and think about what might be instead. That is why he has found a lot of success. It’s because he is not content with the status quo. He wants something more and he’s not afraid to say so to the rest of the world.

The Citizen App done a lot to bring varied kinds of ideas to reality. He’s also done a lot to make the world a different place in so many ways. That is why he is very much respected for his work. Many people know they can trust his insightful ideas about the world around them.


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Pam Baer’s Partnership With Nest Organization And Their Plan to Assist Craftspeople


The list of people and organizations that Pamela Baer has assisted since she started charitable work is endless. She has been collaborating with different organizations, which have been helping her to raise funds. They also offer Pam any assistance she needs to transform the lives of the less fortunate and business people who need support to expand their businesses. Pamela is currently working with Nest Organization on a project to help craftspeople.

Pam Baer and her organization will assist entrepreneurs. First, they will organize seminars that will bring together business people and different experts in the industry. Then, the professionals will teach entrepreneurs other techniques that will enable them to realize more success regardless of the economic situation. Pamela and Nest also plan to hire professional legal experts to represent business people in court whenever they require legal services. However, no businessperson who benefits from this arrangement will pay legal fees.

The handicraft industry is very lucrative. However, only a few business people realize this. Pamela Baer and the Nest Organization know how profitable the industry can be, especially when craftspeople get financial assistance and other support they need. Therefore, they are ready to assist entrepreneurs that make and sell artificial products.

The organization has been helping different people around the country for some time. However, they have offered more support since they realized that business operators were struggling to make ends meet due to the economic hardships caused by the covid-19 pandemic. The educational seminars have enlightened business people on what to do to remain relevant.

Besides, Nests’ marketing assistance has enabled artisans to reach a broader market, increasing sales significantly. That has helped traders earn money for their upkeep regardless of the economic situation around the country.

About Pamela Baer

Pam Baer’s involvement in charitable work has earned her fame worldwide. However, she is more famous in San Francisco, where she has been helping the less fortunate for years. Visit this page to learn more.


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Peter Briger Succeeds in his Business endeavors

Peter Briger is a financial guru who is known in the industry for his many achievements since he started his career. Forbes has even listed him among the 400 professionals who have become successful in their business. The many years of running successful organizations are what have made him master the craft and run businesses successfully. He has worked for many companies, and he has always displayed excellent skills as a leader. He serves on the Board of Fortress Investment Group, and this has enabled him to help the company in making critical decisions.

The background of his success

Although Peter Briger has been successful in his career, it is true this is not something that has happened without putting in much effort. He had to work a lot to achieve and be where he is today. First, he went to Wharton Business School and the knowledge he gained here enabled him to start giving his services to various companies. He attained a Business Administration degree which is crucial in what he does today. He also decided to further his education and went to Princeton University, and after completing his studies, he launched a successful career.

His career

When he completed his education, he started working at Goldman Sachs, and this marked the starting point of a great career. He helped the bank to grow in many ways by helping to come up with the right strategies for the bank. He selected the best group to work with because he wanted to ensure that the business was working smoothly. Peter is right when it comes to marketing businesses, and he dedicated his time to attracting customers at Goldman Sachs. Soon the company had attracted clients, and it became successful courtesy of Peter Briger.

The height of his career

After working for many years at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger had acquired the right skills to advance his career. He went to work with other professionals who had come together to start a successful company, the Fortress Investment Group. Peter has been working here and since he joined, he has also enabled the company to achieve its missions.

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Pam Baer’s Work With Nest Has Drawn A Lot Of Positive Attention To The Handcrafted Sector


Non-profit organizations like Nest Organization play a vital a role in the bolstering of the craft-based work economy. The global organization does a great job at making the necessary tools and educational programs accessible to the average person. Not to mention, it also offers consultancies free of charge to female artisan and maker businesses. Nest’s philanthropic efforts has made it a topic of discussion recently. Pamela Baer, an avid philanthropist, has had a hand in many of the organization’s successes.

The handcrafted sector is often overlooked by investors but Pamela Baer knows all too well the potential impact the sector can have on local economies. And helping makers and artisans finance and empower both themselves and their communities also positively effects the economy as a whole.

Nest currently provides its services to more than 1,500 artisan workers globally. Furthermore, since its services are pro-bono the owners of these business have the very rare opportunity to steadily build on their financial success without financial constraints. Nest offers further programs as well that empower makers even further.

Nest’s recent partnership with Etsy has been very beneficial. The collaboration birthed a new program to bring Charleston, South Carolina’s Gulslah Basket Weavers to the online marketplace for the first time. The two organizations have worked together in the past for the launch of Gee’s Bend quilters. Many maker businesses wouldn’t be able to sustain their business without partnerships like this. See this page for additional information.

About Pam Baer

Pam Baer is one of the foremost community leaders and philanthropists in the state of California. the San Francisco-based Texas native specializes in leading projects that will lead to more accessible health care for the vulnerable. She attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduated with both a marketing and finance degree. Her only mission is to be a force for positive action in her community.


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