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Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt is Making Hawkers Grow Rapidly

Alejandro Betancourt is becoming famous in the investment industry. His recent investment was in Hawkers, a company best known for eco-friendly sunglasses. Alejandro started investing in Hawkers in 2016, which has placed the company at a high scale among its competitors.

Hawkers was founded in 2013, and the initial investment was $300. The founders gained inspiration from Alejandro Betancourt, who came from America with trendy Sunglasses. At the start of Hawkers, the founders focused on marketing the brand through social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. The design and color are a piece of evidence that Hawkers focus on design and quality. Also, they use recycled materials like nylon and polycarbonate to produce their product and more

Another key factor behind the success of Hawkers is that it uses solar energy to power the production line. The founders chose this method to keep waste out of the environment. Their mission was to create an easy-to-use product for consumers while keeping the price low. They also make sure the glasses are not only comfortable but fashionable too. Hawkers became one of the first brands to use recycled materials by using this approach.

In 2017, the company grew by twice where it became successful with the help of Alejandro Betancourt. His investments have allowed the company to reach more people and grow. The founder also provided his knowledge and experience when making decisions about the business. Besides that, he invested heavily into different things within the company, such as new technology and training. With these changes, the company has improved productivity and efficiency.

Alejandro Betancourt was made the president of hawkers, and he has worked hard to see the company gain relevance in the fashion industry. Hawkers’ workforce is made of young adults interested in the brand and is given incentives to help grow the company. For example, social media influencers are given free glasses to market the products.

Hawkers has made it through the help of Alejandro’s vision and passion for the brand. The company has shown that it can succeed without compromising on quality or service through his work. This fact shows how committed the team at Hawkers is to the brand’s growth.