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 SeaWorld Orlando Has Amended Their Laws to Allow Vaccinated Guests to Visit the Park without Masks

There is a slight change in SeaWorld Orlando’s visitor laws. The park’s management has amended some of its regulations to allow vaccinated guests to visit the park without masks. Therefore, not every vaccinated visitor without the protective commodity must worry about being turned away from entering the park. The management has taken the move after Walt Disney, and Universal Orlando made similar changes to their visitation laws.

The U.S Center for disease control has been monitoring the covid-19 situation countrywide, making recommendations according to each state’s infection rate. Recently, the regulatory authority amended some of the containment measures after infections came down.

As a result, SeaWorld immediately announced that it would allow visitors to visit the park without face coverings. However, the management said that even though they insist that only vaccinated visitors will be allowed into the park, they don’t intend to ask visitors to prove they have received the vaccination.

However, visitors visiting SeaWorld in California will continue wearing their face masks when they visit the park. The park’s management has advised their visitors to continue observing all the covid-19 regulations until they amend their current regulations. Besides, they advised all their employees to follow all the covid-19 regulations to ensure that all the visitors are safe.

However, the park’s management hopes that the situation will change as the covid-19 infections reduce. SeaWorld holds most of its events outdoors. Therefore, the amendments will excite most visitors that love to enjoy quality time outdoors. After vaccination, they will have a wonderful time without the discomfort caused by the face covers.

SeaWorld has insisted that all the other regulations remain as they have been. Therefore, everyone who wants to visit the park must comply when touring SeaWorld Orlando. Visitors only need to visit the park’s website to find out all the regulations before their visit.

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