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Neil Gerrard UK Attorney

Attorney Neil Gerrard is from London, United Kingdom and specializes in white collar and securities litigation. A graduate from the Manchester Polytechnic institute with his degree in L.L.B and a graduate of the Chester College of Law with his juris doctorate degree. 


Attorney Gerrard has great knowledge in his area of expertise and is considered a lawyer of choice for many companies seeking audits and regular instruction for a specialty attorney. He has worked with high profile companies within European countries. Further, Neil Gerrard specializes in risk management and compliance issues. Mr. Gerrard was previously the co-partner of Decherts LLP since 2011. 


Dechert white collar law firm provides services in many areas such as anti-trust, global finance and intellectual property. In addition, they offer services like litigation, financial services and investment management and many other high value areas (Iclg). 

Successful and prestigious Attorney Neil Gerrard has been selected by his peers to receive awards recognizing his work in preventing white collar crimes. He has also been recognized from his work in global investigations, and crime defense lawyers. Neil Gerrard is named as one of the top 100 lawyers in the United Kingdom. Attorney Neil Gerrard is highly respected in his practice area and continues to be valuable in internal investigations on behalf of global companies.

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The Inspirational Career of Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde is a security attorney based in New York. He is inspirational to any person with a direct or indirect interest in a legal career. Initially, Juan Monteverde had no interest in law but only joined California State University to pursue a career in finance; he was only fascinated with affecting global financial markets and economies.

His career objectives while in the university changed after taking up a position at a local law firm. However, he did it to earn money. He encountered the experience of two landowners who disputed the development of their land by other parties. Through the support of the law firm, the court ruled in favor of the two landowners. This experience made him realize the importance of an attorney in achieving justice, and he immediately decided to pursue law as a lifetime career.

Juan Monteverde joined the School of Law at St. Thomas University. Besides his excellence in academics, he also received recommendations in other areas from other scholars and professors. For instance, he worked as the President of Plead the Fifth, the official newspaper for the law school. Monteverde also spent time as an associate at Diaz Reus, where they did litigation and arbitration. While in this firm, he gained vast experience in multinational and government cases in America and other continents, such as Europe and the Middle East. Through his leadership and achievement, he received an enhanced reputation throughout his time at the law school.

After graduation, Juan Monteverde first served as a defense attorney for civil litigation. He excelled in this area but mainly due to his finance background but switched to security law due to lack of satisfaction. He represented clients in areas such as consumer fraud and mutual fund abuse. Juan later founded Monteverde & Associates, enabling him to specialize in his securities scope, representing clients experiencing a breach of their rights resulting from corporate actions, such as mergers.

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