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Yves Mirabaud of the Eponymous Genevan Wealth Manager

Yves Mirabaud is a high-ranking associate at the eponymous Genevan wealth manager. He believes that Mirabaud always puts clients’ interests first. Mirabaud, who holds a bachelor’s degree, has been the managing partner of the Mirabaud Group since 2012. He has banking experience with several institutions in the USA and Switzerland.

Additionally, Yves Mirabaud has led the Geneva Financial Centre Foundation as its president and has served as a member of the management at the Geneva chamber of commerce. Yves Mirabaud talks about what he made in 2020 and gives a reason as to why the bank’s finances looked disappointing. To him, Covid 19 made the profit drop sharply. had an interview with Yves Mirabaud, and he mentioned that he and his peers might be viewed as old-fashioned. However, their culture is not to be aggressively out in the market. He mentioned that they had reached the limits of a technology platform they had spent almost thirty years developing. Thus, they had agreed to weigh up a recently developed central banking system. As for their performance, it has been favorable in most cases, if not all. He mentioned that they had gone ahead and won the hearts of various private bankers and that it played a significant role in strengthening their business in the seven markets they were into.

Additionally, Mirabaud had a built-up staff based in Paris in Zurich purposely for corporate finance. They acted as supporting advisory in private banking worth mergers and acquisitions and private equity expertise. With this channel, they obtained the latest deals. Yves Mirabaud goes ahead and acknowledge they had major plans to embrace and go ahead with the plan and buildup offices in Switzerland, Europe, and Latin America. These strategies and plans would help them gain 15 to 20 new clients that year. Refer to this page to learn more.


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