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Digital Forex Trading Education At IM Academy

IM Academy is an online training institution that provides skills in forex trading. The institution offers educational training on forex trading, services, and products. The organization’s mission is to provide an accessible online learning platform for forex education through subscription.

Learning modules

IM Academy provides training modules popularly referred to as academies which consist of four teaching programs.

ECX Academy

Its primary focus is on building and managing an online business. The course outlines fundamental principles of e-commerce, requirements of starting an online business, characteristics of various market options, methods of processing payments, advertising and marketing, and online customer satisfaction strategies.

FRX Academy

In this module, learners get trained on the fundamentals of foreign currency. Training happens through video conferencing and other live sessions. Students are trained on the basics of forex, the history, selling and buying in the forex market, bidding versus asking, analyzing trends, introduction to harmonics, stop loss, and risk management planning.

HFX Academy

In this module, learners get trained on high-frequency exchange. The course entails the definition of a high-frequency exchange and various types of analysis methods of analysis. Learning occurs through pre-recorded videos and unlimited live sessions.

DCX Academy

It trains learners on the basics of DCX trading and digital currency education. The course covers an introduction to digital currency, varieties of digital currencies, different types of trading in the digital currency market, market volatility, valuation block-chains, and emerging trends in digital currency trade. Training is done through pre-recorded videos with quizzes on each video module to evaluate learners’ understanding of the subject. The academy also provides unlimited access to go live sessions for the students.


Online learning and remote working is becoming popular. Online institutions do not require office space or other related expenses. It also offers a solution to learners trying to juggle work and class. This model has enabled IM Academy to operate effectively without major interruptions from emerging issues that make physical learning impossible. See this page to learn more about the Academy.


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