America has a problem with its civically illiterate. To put it bluntly, the percentage of Americans who don’t know their history is alarming. How could this be? The roots of this problem can be traced back to the end of the Cold War, when education standards began to fall due to competition from other countries. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the American education system went with it. No longer was the country required to provide a world-class education to its citizens. Instead, they were expected to be able to read, write and understand basic math. Today, the percentage of Americans who don’t meet the literacy requirement to be considered a “citizen” is high.

  1. Why Numbers USA Supports Immigration Reform

NumbersUSA supports immigration reform because we believe that immigration is a positive economic and social force in America. Immigrants are not taking jobs from Americans; they fill jobs that Americans don’t want to do. Immigration has been a great benefit to the American economy. The U.S. economy would be much worse off if it were not for the millions of immigrants who have come to this country and filled jobs that would otherwise go unfilled. NumbersUSA is a non-partisan organization that works to protect the American people from excessive immigration. We do this by educating the public about the true, negative impact of immigration on our nation.

  1. NumbersUSA’s Values and Goals

NumbersUSA’s values and goals are embodied in the following statement. It is dedicated to the principle that immigration policy should serve the national interest. NumbersUSA advocate a properly-managed system of legal immigration, which will benefit America by providing needed workers and filling empty niches in the economy.

The current immigration system of the United States is not working. There are many problems with the current system, but the biggest problem is not working. The United States needs a new immigration system, and NumbersUSA has proposed several ways to fix the current problems plaguing our immigration system.

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